Therapy At The Learning Path

Therapy is an integral part of the school and language work is linked to all areas of the curriculum. The Learning Path has speech and occupational therapist affiliated with the school. The therapies may be performed during teaching hours to make it convenient for parents.

The speech and language therapists, who are affiliated with The Learning Path, are independent of the school. If parents prefer to utilise these in-house therapists, a separate agreement will be signed between the therapists and the parents. The therapists are not employed by the school and the school will not accept any payments for the therapies. Any contractual disputes between a therapist and parents will not have any implication on the school and must be managed between the therapists and the parents concerned. The school only offers the facilities and location for the therapy sessions.

The high level of speech & language and occupational therapy input at The Learning Path is appropriate for meeting the complex needs of children with speech & language and learning difficulties.

The teachers and therapists work together as a team. In this way, more of the therapy activities are carried out in the classroom and are more effective.